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  Some people believe that advertisements should be banned since they serve no useful purpose and can even be damaging. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 有人认为广告是无用的,甚至是有害的,应该给禁止,是否认同?
  If a product is good or it meets people’s needs, people will buy it, so advertising is unnecessary and no more than an entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 人们购买商品是因为需要,广告没有作用,仅仅是娱乐,是否认同?
  点评: no more than = only adv 仅仅
  1. Nowadays, customers are facing increasing advertisements with the competition of different companies. To what extent do you think customers are influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect the customers? 现在广告愈来愈多,广告在多大的程度上影响了消费者,如何保护消费者?
  2. Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 产品销量的提高反映了广告的作用,不是社会需求,是否认同?
  3. Some people believe that advertisements should be banned since they serve no useful purpose and can even be damaging. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 广告应不应该被废除?
  1. 广告的教育性: 公益广告扮演了教育者的角色,例如,希望工程的广告唤醒了人们对偏远地区的失学儿童的关注。
  2. 广告的信息性:广告是人们获得信息的渠道以及源泉。例如,电视购物广告为人们购买心仪商品提供了便利。
  3. 广告的娱乐性:广告是传媒的一种形式,通常具有幽默性,因此,有趣的广告可以博人一笑,增加生活乐趣,例如苹果手机的广告。
  1. 非法广告以及虚假广告危害消费者的利益。例如,很多化妆品以及药品广告,充满了花哨的宣传语以及空洞的承诺,夸大产品的功能,极端情况下,威胁人的健康。
  2. 明星代言的广告,诱发消费者购买他们不需要的商品,增加了消费者的经济负担。
  3. 很多电视广告令人讨厌,打断精彩的节目。同理,很多人在街头散发广告单,污染环境,浪费行人时间。
  1. 政府对于非法广告加强监管。
  2. 广告明星增强守法意识,理性代言。
  3. 消费者增强自我保护意识,理性消费。
  1. advertisement = advertising n 广告
  2. TV commercial n 电视广告
  3. public-service ads = public –interest ads n 公益广告
  4. advertisement campaign n 广告宣传
  5. wise consumers = wise buyers n理性的消费者
  6. censorship of ads n广告审查
  7. wise buying n 理性消费
  8. ads produced by super stars n明星做的广告
  9. makeup ads n化妆品广告
  10. medicine ads n药品广告
  1. Under no circumstances can we uunderestimate the indispensable roles of ads
  in our lives.我们不能忽视广告在生活中的作用。
  2. witty slogan 智慧的宣传语
  3. eye-catching pictures n 精美的图片
  4. exert a subtle influence on v对于 …… 有微妙的影响
  5. …… play the role of educator v 扮演教育者的角色
  6. …… is a significant source of information v是信息的源泉
  7. …… bring huge convenience to consumers v 给消费者带来便利
  8. …… serve the function of entertainment v 有娱乐功能
  9. promote the sales of the relevant products v 提高相关产品的销量
  10. …… is a kind of indispensable industry that create a number of job opportunities and promote the prosperity of relevant industries such as …… 是不可缺少的产业,可以解决就业以及促进相关产业的繁荣例如……
  1. However, we can never ignore the negative influence induced by advertisement campaign. 然而,我们不能忽视由于广告引起的弊端。
  2. Many advertising companies produce advertisements with famous and popular actors or singers 很多的广告公司会雇佣歌手以及明星代言商品。
  3. fake and illegal ads n虚假的非法的广告
  4. …… are full of flowery phrases and empty promises …… 充满了花哨的宣传语以及空洞的承诺。
  5. buy goods without consideration = purchase goods impulsively v冲动购物
  6. endanger the consumers’ interests v 威胁到消费者的利益
  7. impose much pressure upon consumers economically v 增加消费者的经济负担。
  8. consumers are affected by = consumers are influenced by = consumers are swayed by …… v消费者被…… 影响
  9. poorly educated children in the remote rural areas n偏远农村地区的文盲儿童
  点评:illiterate = poorly educated adj 没有受到良好教育的。
  10. irrational buyers = unwise buyers n非理性的消费者
  1. strengthen the censorship of counterfeited or illicit ads v 加强对于非法广告和虚假广告的审查力度
  2. Consumers could be away from those detrimental ads. 消费者可以远离有害广告的影响。
  3. Ads stars enhance their lawful awareness and assume more social responsibilities 广告明星应该增强守法意识以及承担更多的社会责任
  4. foster rational consumption habit v培养理性的消费习惯
  5. collect some information of other consumers before buying a product v 在买商品前收集一些信息

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