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Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)
Directions: There are four passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A),B),C)and D).You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:
While traveling abroad,Mr.Jackson Frank ran short of money.So he wrote to his brother,asking for $500.“Send the money by telegram,”he wrote,“to the Fisher Ba
nk in P...”After a week he began calling at the Fisher Bank.He showed his passport.“Nothing has come for you,”he was told.This went on for two weeks and Mr.Frank got very worried.He sent a telegram to his brother,asking where the money was.There was no reply,and no money arrived for him.
In the fourth week Mr.Frank was arrested for failing to pay his hotel bill.His passport was taken from him.He tried to explain the problem,but no one believed him.He was sent to prison for six days.
When he came out,he went immediately to the Fisher bank.The clerk he spoke to was a new man. “Have you received $500 for me?”he ask,“My name is Jackson Frank.”The clerk checked his books.“Yes,Jackson,it's here.It came by telegram.——let me see——oh,more than two months ago.We wondered where you were.”He showed Mr.Frank the order.
The order read:“Pay Mr.Frank Jackson the sum of $500...”
“ But my name is Jackson Frank,not Frank Jackson.”
“ Oh,that's all right,sir.It was in our books under the letter‘J',but it's your money.”The clerk laughed,“A human mistake,sir!We're all human beings,aren't we?And so we all make mistakes.A family name like Frank sounds strange to me.”Mr Frank was silent.He really wanted to hit somebody.At last he said,“A human mistake——is that what you call it?I think some humans need kicking.”
21. Jackson didn't just go to his brother and get some money because ____.
A)he was afraid to see his brother
B)he was in prison and was not allowed to go anywhere
C)he was traveling in a foreign country and was far from his brother
D)he knew that his brother had no money 
22. A week after he had written to his brother,Jackson began ____.
A)telephoning the bank
B)visiting the bank
C)shouting at the clerks of the bank
D)explaining his problem to the clerks of the bank 
23. Jackson was arrested and sent to prison because ____.
A)his brother hadn't sent him any money and he couldn't pay his hotel bill
B)he had spent almost all his money and couldn't pay his hotel bill
C)he had lost all his money and couldn't pay his hotel bill
D)his brother hadn't sent him as much money as he asked for and he couldn't pay
his hotel bill 
24. Which of the following statements is true?____.
A)The money did not reach the Fisher Bank.
B)The money reached the wrong bank.
C)The money reached the bank after he was arrested.
D)The money reached the bank before he was arrested. 
25. The clerks put his name under the wrong letter ____.
A)through carelessness.
B)because they were human beings
C)because he had a strange name
D)by pronouncing his name incorrectly 
Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:
To most Africans,tribalism simply means very strong loyalty to one's ethnic group.It is a force that can be both good and bad.By definition tribalism means sharing among members of the extended family.It makes sure that a person is taken care of by his own group.To give a job to a fellow tribesman is not wrong;it is an
obligation.Similarly,for a politician or military leader it is considered good
common sense to choose his closest adviser from people of his own tribe.This ensures security,continuity, authority.Tribal loyalty may mean a quick promotion—from sergeant to captain,from clerk to manager—within a very short time.
Modern African politicians publicly speak out against tribal divisions.Yet it remains perhaps the most powerful force in day-to-day African life.As evidence of tribalism,in 1977 in Kenya,president Jomo Kenyatta's tribe controlled business and politics.Eight of the 21 cabinet posts,including the most important four were filled
by Kikuyus.In Uganda in the same year,the president's small Kakwa tribe filled
almost all the highest government and military positions!In Agola,Ethiopia,and Nigeria,the fighting in the past ten years can be partly explained by disagreements
among tribes.
26. What is the definition of tribalism?
A)Sharing among members of the extended family.
B)Giving a job to a fellow tribesman.
C)A force that can be both good and bad.
D)People have the same religious belief. 
27. One example of how a tribe takes care of its own people is ____.
A)“a force that can be both good and bad”
B)“very strong loyalty to one's ethnic group”
C)“tribal loyalty may mean a quick promotion”
D)it is important to be loyal to one's own tribal group 
28. In paragraph 2,“the most important four” refers to ____.
A)military position B)business
C)cabinet posts D)Kikuyus 
29. How many examples are there “as evidence of tribalism”?
A)Four. B)Two.
C)One. D)Three. 
30. According to the passage,which of the following statements is wrong?
A)Modern African politicians approve of tribal divisions.
B)A person is usually taken care of by his own tribe.
C)Africans consider it an obligation to give a job to a fellow tribesman.
D)Tribalism is still a powerful force in day-to-day African life. 
Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage:
No one loves the mosquito.
But unfortunately the mosquito may decide that she loves you. She?Yes, she. Did you know that only the female mosquito bites?Well,it's true.And it's not because she is unfriendly;she needs blood to reproduce.But why?Why did nature bother to create mosquitoes?Just to annoy us?Probably that wasn't the main reason. Male mosquitoes live on the nectar of flowers,and some scientists believe that they pollinate the flowers as they fly from one to the other.Of course,mosquitoes have to reproduce,and unfortunately that's where you and I come in.Like it or not,mosquitoes are here to stay.Ouch!(Slap!)One just bit me!
31. In paragraph 1,“no one loves the mosquito,”one refers to____.
A)female mosquito B)mosquito
C)somewhere D)person 
32. Why is “she” written in italics?
A)Because it is a short question. B)For emphasis.
C)For no special reason. D)For alarming. 
33. Paragraph 2 says “unfortunately that's where you and I come in.”Why is
it unfortunate?
A)Because mosquitoes will bite us to get some blood.
B)Because mosquitoes have to reproduce.
C)Because mosquitoes are here to stay.
D)Because mosquitoes are unfriendly. 
34. According to paragraph 2,“Ouch!(Slap!)”what happened?
A)A mosquito dropped into the writer's cup.
B)A mosquito slapped the writer and flew away.
C)A mosquito flew away and the writer hit himself.
D)A mosquito bit the writer,and the writer hit her. 
35. “Like it or not,mosquitoes are here to stay.”Like it or not can be exp
lained as ____.
A)it doesn't matter if we get bitten by mosquitoes
B)it doesn't matter whether we like the situation or not
C)it doesn't matter whether mosquitoes like the stuation or not
D)it doesn't matter whether female or male mosquitoes bite us 
Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:
When a new movement in Art attains a certain vogue,it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at,for,however far-fetched and unreasonable their contents may seem today,it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded
as normal.With regard to Futurist poetry,however,the case is rather difficult,for whatever Futurist poetry may be—even admitting that the theory on which it is based may be right—it can hardly be classed as Literature.
This,in brief,is what the Futurist says for a century,past conditions of life have been continually speeding up,till now we live in a world of noise and violence and speed.Consequently,our feelings,thoughts and emotions have undergone a corresponding change.This speeding up of life,says the Futurist,requires a new form
of expressions.We must speed up our literature too,if we want to interpret modern stress.We must pour out a cataract of essential words,unhampered by stops,or
qualifying adjectives,or finite verbs.Instead of describing sounds we must make
up words that imitate them;we must use many sizes of type and different colored in
ks on the same page,and shorten or lengthen words at will.
Certainly their descriptions of battles are vividly chaotic.But it is a little disconcerting to read in the explanatory notes that a certain line describes a fight between a Turkish and a Bulgarian officer on a bridge off which they both fall into the river——and then to find that the line consists of the noise of their
falling are the weights of the officers.“Pluff!Pulff!A hundred and eighty five
This,though it fulfills the laws and requirements of Futurist poetry can hardly
be classed as Literature.All the same,no thinking man can refuse to accept their first proposition that a great change in our emotional life calls for a change
of expression.The whole question is really this:how we essentially changed?
36. The main idea of this selections is best expressed as ____.
A)The Past versus the future
B)Changes in modern Life
C)Merits of the Futurist movement
D)An evaluation of Futurist poetry 
37. When novel ideas appear,it is desirable,according to the writer,to ____.
A)discover the aims of their adherents
B)ignore them
C)follow the fashion
D)regard them as normal 
38. The Futurists claim that we must ____.
A)increase the production of literature
B)look to the future
C)develop new literary forms
D)avoid unusual words 
39. The writer believes that Futurist poetry is ____.
A)too emotional
B)too new in type to be acceptable
C)not literature as he knows it
D)essential to basic change in the nature mankind 
40. The futurist poet uses all the following devices EXCEPT____.
A)imitative words
B)qualifying adjectives
C)different colored inks
D)a stream of essential words 
Part Ⅲ Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part.For each sentence there are four choices marked A),B),C)and D).Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
41. It is time you___.
A)will get up B)got up
C)to get up D)get up 
42. You will have to ____ it if your son gets ill.
A)answer for B)answer to
C)response for D)response to 
43. ____ these measures,all the sheep and cats passed the winter safely.
A)As for B)Owing to
C)Because D)Since 
44. The sound of a truck stopping is heard____ the street.
A)from across B)over
C)across D)through 
45. This cloth feels____.
A)prettily smooth B)pretty smoothly
C)prettily smoothly D)pretty smooth 
46. If they____ hard,they wouldn't be doing so well.
A)didn't train B)haven't been training
C)hadn't been training D)hadn't been trained 
47. The news ____ China's women's volleyball team had won the world championship title soon spread all over the country.
A)which B)when
C)that D)/ 
48. Please ____ when you have time.I'm so lonely nowadays.
A)call at B)drop in
C)call out D)drop out 
49. To protect the children____,the government decided to send them away to a safe place immediately.
A)kidnapped B)from being kidnapped
C)to be kidnapped D)being kidnapped 
50. I have a bit of a headache.I don't ____ today.
A)feel good B)feel comfortable
C)feel easy D)feel myself 
51. The foreign guests ____ be here at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
A)are expecting to B)expect to 
C)are expected to D)will be expected to 
52. ____to get such a warm welcome.
A)Not did we expect B)Little did we expect
C)A little did we expect D)Hardly we expected 
53. What ____ are you talking about?
A)on earth B)on the earth
C)in earth D)in the earth 
54. We don't have the time to do it____.
A)or we are able to B)neither are we able to
C)nor are we able to D)while we are able to 
55. Prof.Li has been invited to a conference ____ in Paris next month.
A)held B)being held
C)to be held D)holding 
56. The explanation is not at all____.We demand an apology.
A)satisfactory B)satisfied
C)satisfying D)satisfaction 
57. She ____ to her feet and walked into the kitchen numbly.
A)jumped B)came
C)climbed D)struggled 
58. The cows looked at him,____.
A)asleep and surprising
B)sleepy and surprised
C)asleep and being surprised
D)sleepy and being surprising 
59. A friend of mine studying at Columbia University told me that he had his
apartment ____ twice within the last two months.
A)broken out B)broken through
C)broken in D)broken away 
60. If the fire had not____,it would have ____ a terrible disaster.
A)gone away...resulted from
B)died out...resulted in
C)gone out...resulted in
D)died away...resulted to 
61. He was caught in the act of ____.
A)setting the warehouse on fire
B)putting the warehouse on fire
C)setting the warehouse to fire
D)dropping fire on the warehouse 
62. No one has lived there for nearly two thousand years—not since the summer of the year A.D 79,____.
A)to be accurate B)being accurate
C)being exact D)to be exact 
63. He does not mind ____ at home.
A)to be left B)left
C)to leave D)being left 
64. The shop is ____ by a group of young people.
A)operated B)run
C)handled D)dealt with 
65. The kid screamed it out ____ his lungs.
A)from the top of B)on top of
C)at the top of D)from top of 
66. Dickens' writing ____ the experience of his childhood.
A)thanks to B)distributes much to
C)owes much to D)contributes much to 
67. ____to depend upon her husband,she decided to find a job.
A)Wish not B)Having wished not to
C)Not wishing D)Being not wishing to 
68. The doctor____ Chinese medicine.
A)suggested me to try B)suggested me trying
C)suggested for D)suggested to 
69. When they met,words ____ them.They just wept.
A)betrayed B)lost
C)defeated D)failed 
70. Will you please ____ that nobody touches the wet paint?
A)see to it B)be sure
C)check it D)bring forward 

Part Ⅳ Cloze (15 minutes)
There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each blank there are four choices marked A),B),C) and D).You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
In his youth,Knute Axelbrod wanted to learn many languages,to know everything about human history,to ___71___ wise by reading great books.When he first came from Europe ___72___ the state of North Dakota,he worked in a mill all day ___73___ studied all evening.Then he met Lena Wesselius and ___74___ her at the age of eighteen.After that there was a farm to pay for,and there were children to ___75___.For many years Axelbrod had no time to study.
Finally he had a farm ___76___ was free from debt,with good soil and plenty of animals.But ___77___ then he was sixty-three years old and ready(it seemed) to die.His wife was ___78___.His sons had grown ___79___ and gone away.His work was done.He was ___80___ and alone.
Axelbrod's daughter and ___81___ begged him to live with them,but he ___82___.“No,”he said,“You must learn to be ___83___.You will come and live here ___84___ my farm,and ___85___will pay me four hundred dollars a year ___86___ the use of it, ___87___ I will not live here with you.I will watch you from my hill.”
He built himself a small house on the hill,___88___he cooked his ___89___,made his bed,and read many books from the public library.He began to feel that he was ___90___ free than ever before in his life.
71.A)be B)grow C)become D)turn
72.A)in B)to C)for D)at
73.A)while B)and C)whereas D)but
74.A)married B)married with C)married to D)got married
75.A)bring B)rear C)raise D)feed
76.A)it B)and C)he D)that
77.A)for B)by C)at D)from
78.A)died B)death C)dead D)deadly
79.A)over B)on C)up D)tall
80.A)free B)unneeded C)unemployed D)busy
81. A)daughterinlaw B)husband
C)mother D)soninlaw 
82.A)refused B)said nothing C)kep silent D)agreed
83. A)independent B)dependent
C)independence D)dependence 
84.A)over B)on C)in D)at
85.A)you B)someone C)perhaps D)maybe
86.A)in B)to C)for D)by
87.A)But B)So C)Therefore D)Then
88.A)when B)where C)what D)that
89.A)breakfast B)supper C)meals D)dinner
90.A)more B)much C)a lot D)far
Part Ⅴ Writing(30 minutes)
For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition about “What Would Happen If There Were No Power in three paragraphs.You are given the first sentence or part of the first sentence of each paragraph.Your composition should be no less than 120 words.Remember to write your composition neatly.
1.Ever since early the last century,electricity has become an essential part of
our modern life.
2.If there were no electric power,________________

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