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 1. He proved himself a ________ successor to the former Prime Minister.
A. worthwhile B. worthiness C. worthy D. worth

2. Your radio is too loud, turn the ________ down.
A. volume B. voice C. sound D. tone

3. The Channel Tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projects ever ________.
A. understated B. undertaken C. undergone D. underneath

4. He comes from a poor country village in the mountains, so it’s very hard for him to pay the whole school year’s ________ at one time. A. money B. fare C. fees D. tuition

5. Anthony is a very ________ person and never wastes anything.
A. miserly B. thrifty C. economic D. conservative

6. He is seriously ill because his girlfriend has just deserted him. Why don’t you try some occupational ________ to remove his mind from distress?
A. operation B. therapy C. injection D. medicine

7. The government used their emergency powers to ________ the truth about the accident.
A. suppress B. manipulate C. control D. manage

8. The ________ of the member countries is supposed to be held recently at Geneva.
A. summit B. summary C. suffering D. summon

9. The ghostly presence was just a (n)_________ sensation of some people.
A. objective B. subjunctive C. subjective D. objected

10. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and thousands of jobs are at ________.
A. danger B. loss C. threat D. stake

11. The ________ of these islands is still in dispute and the three countries are to have a conference next month to settle the issue.
A. sovereignty B. right C. authority D. power

12. That organization __________ persons of different political stands.
A. owns B. embraces C. composes D. consists

13. We would never have secured our independence without the aid you ______.
A. pursued B. requested C. presented D. rendered

14. Women are ________ against the restrictions on job opportunities.
A. proceeding B. negative C. revolving D. urgent

15. I was unaware of the critical points involved, so my choice was quite _________.
A. artistic B. artificialC. arbitrary D. mechanical

16. Sometimes the student may be asked to write about his ________ to a certain book or article that has some bearing on the subject being studied.
A. impression B. reaction C. comprehension D. sentiment

17. We’d decided to sell our car, but then we began to have second ________.
A. plans B. minds C. ideas D. thoughts

18. The mystery guest on the show is ________ other than the President.
A. no B. none C. not D. nothing

19. During the recession they ________ the workers off for three months.
A. gave B. laid C. called D. dropped

20. I haven’t enough money to buy a car, so I just have to do _______.
A. nothing B. none C. without D. nobody
Vocabulary Test 1
1. 答案为C。worthwhile 意思是“值得花费时间、金钱或精力的”。worthy 可以表示“值得尊重或者考虑的”,用这一意思时通常做定语。worthiness 是worthy 的名词形式。worth 用作表语,意思是“有某种价值的;值得(做某事)”。本句需要填入一个作定语的形容词,所以, C 是正确答案。
2. 答案为A。volume 意思是“音量,响度”,voice 意思是“嗓音”,sound 意思是“声,声音,声响”,tone 指“音调,音质;语气,腔调;(乐器的)音质,音色”。
3. 答案为B。understate 意思是“有节制地陈述或表达;少说,少报”,undertake 意思是“承担,负起..的责任”,undergo 意为“经历,经受;接受,承受”,underneath 意为“在.. 的下面(介词);在下面,向下(副词);底部,底面(名词)”。
4. 答案为D。money 泛指“金钱,货币”;fare 指(公共汽车、轮船、计程车等的)票价; fee 指付给私人教师、医生等的服务费,酬金;tuition 尤指大专院校的学费。
5. 答案为B。miserly 意思是“似守财奴的,吝啬的”,thrifty 意思是“节检的,节约的”, economic 意思是“经济学的,经济的”,conservative 意思是“保守的,守旧的”。
6. 答案为B。operation 指“手术”,therapy 指“疗法”,injection 指“注射”,medicine 指“医术,医学;药”。occupational therapy 指“职业疗法”,即给患者创造性或生产性工作以治疗其身心某些疾病的方法。
7. 答案为A。suppress 意思是“阻止..被知道或看到”,manipulate 指“熟练地控制或操纵(某事物)”,control 意思是“控制”,manage 意思是“负责(谋事物),管理,经营”。
8. 答案为A。summit 意思是“峰会,首脑会晤”,summary 意为“小结”,suffering 指肉体或内心的痛苦,summon 意为“传唤,传讯;(法院的)传票”。
9. 答案为C。objective 意为“客观的”,subjunctive 意为“虚拟语气的”,subjective 意为“主观的”,object 意思是“反对,抗议”,作动词。
10. 答案为D 。at a loss 意思是“不知如何是好,茫然,不知所措”,at stake 指“凶吉难卜,好坏无法预料”。可以说in danger 或under threat,但不可以说at danger 或at threat。
11. 答案为A。sovereignty 指“国家主权”;right 指“对某事物的正当要求,做某事的权利”,通常说right to sth./to do sth.;authority 指“权利,权威;职权,权限”,power 指“(人的)能力,(生理或精神上的)能力;操纵力,影响力;职权,权势”。
12. 答案为B。own 尤指以法定权利拥有某物;embrace 表示“欣然接受”;compose 意为“创作(乐曲或诗歌)”,表示“由……构成”时,应用be composed of 这一表达;consist of 意思是“由……构成”。根据题意及各选项的用法,正确答案为B。
13. 答案为D。pursue 意为“追求追逐”,request 意为“口头或书面的要求,请求”,present 表示“授予,赠予;介绍,引见;提出;呈递”等意思,render 意为“给予”。
14. 答案为A。proceed against sb. 意为“起诉某人”;negative 用作形容词意为“拒绝的,怀疑的,不同意的”;revolve 意为“反复思考,被仔细考虑”;urgent 意为“紧急的,极力主张的”。B、C、D 三项均不与against 连用。
15. 答案为C。artistic 意为“艺术的,艺术家的;富有艺术创造力的”;artificial 意为“人工的;虚假的;人为的”;arbitrary 意为“任意的;武断的”;mechanical 意为“机械的;机械似的,呆板的”。
16. 答案为A。impression 意为“(人、事件、经历等留下的)印象”,reaction 意为“反应”, comprehension 意为“理解,理解力”,sentiment 意为“情绪,伤感”。
17. 答案为D。second thoughts 意思是“(经重新考虑后)改变想法”。
18. 答案为B。none other than 固定短语,用以加强语气。句意为:该节目的神秘嘉宾不是别人,正是总统。
19. 答案为B。lay sb. off 意思是“暂时解雇(工人)”。
20. 答案为C。do without 意思是“没有..也行”。

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