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Questions 1-7
. Read these sentences and the instructions that follow.

. Which method does each sentence describe?
. For each sentence mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your answer Sheet.
You can dictate a message almost anywhere at your convenience.
Answer: B
1. You speak, while your secretary types down your words.
2. You have to speak slowly and very clearly.
3. One of these methods can be used when you are in a hurry.
4. While dictating ,you use some tapes.
5. One of the disadvantages of this method is that you are totally strange to the transcriber.
6. the dictation is done with your speaking, a machine's recording, and your secretary's transcribing.
7. the machine records your words and then provide the transcription.
A. Dictation to your own secretary-"live" dictation, taken by a person who becomes familiar with your dictating characteristics.
B. Dictation to a machine, with your secretary transcribing.
Inexpensive cassette recorders provide GREat flexibility in dictation.
You can dictate in the office, at home, in an automobile, in an airplane, and in any out-of-the-office situation. Your dictation tapes can be transcribed by being played back on modern transcribing equipment.
C. Dictation to a machine, with a word-processing center providing the transcription in this case, the transcriber will probably not be familiar with your dictation manners and peculiarities.
D. Other dictation methods, such as by telephone calls or by direct secretarial transcription at the typewriter. These methods are not routine but are used typically in "rush" situations. They require a slow voice speed and clear pronunciation.
Questions 8-12
. Read this text about electrical power in Canada.
. Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.
. For each blank(8-12) mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer Sheet.
. De not mark any letter twice.
. One answer has been given as an example.
Canadian industries have prospered for more than a century on the country's abundance of cheap ,reliable electrical power...example...In fact ,Canada consumes more electricity on a per person basis than any country except for Norway...8...
Electricity is a significant source of export income for Canada...9...But in the 1970s ,Canadian exports rose sharply to address the U. S. demand for cheaper and more reliable.
In 1985, exports of Canadian electrical power reached 1,400 million US dollars ...10...Net electricity exports account for more than 60% of Canada's balance of trade.
Domestically, Canada continues to generate electrical power, primarily from water ...11...
Exports of electricity are now subject to forces far beyond the control of utility managers...12...
Example: B
A. Besides, electricity from coal and nuclear is 50/00 to 75/00 cheaper than many other industrial nations.
B. Generated primarily by water, our power supplies have attracted and supported energy-intensive industries such as mining.
C. It also ranks among the top three electricity producers in the world, behind the U. S. and Russia.
D. Next to electricity, Canadian paper exports came to 900 million US dollars every year in the 1960s.
E. Two large nuclear power plants began to generate electricity.
F. Since then, electricity' exports have declined but they have continued to exceed 700 million US dollars.
G. Environmental and trade policies all influence electrical production and trade.
H. Canada and the U. S. imported and exported power in almost equal measures after 1901.
I. therefore, the Canadian government has little influence on these forces.

Questions 1 3- 20
. Read this text about south Korea's economic development, and answer the questions that follow.
the Koreans see the Seoul Olympics as a chance to show their rapid proGREss. The Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 served the same purpose for a developing Japan. Within 13 years , according to a detailed development plan ,Korea is determined to be among the world's ten largest trading nations ,up from the 13th now.
1. Much of the economy's development in recent years comes from what Korean leaders call the three blessings-lower oil prices, lower world wide interest rates, and a currency that is weak against the Japanese yen. The Korean won is closely related with many other currencies, though the finance ministry will not say which ones. Obviously the U. S. dollar is the most important. When its value drops against the Japanese yen, the Korean won went down too. Since September 1985 the won has decreased about 40% against the yen, giving Korea a huge advantage over Japan in the U.S. market.
2. the Koreans made good use of this advantage, pouring 40% of their exports into America. When the U.S. responded with tough protectionism talk, they pretended to be surprised and angry. The Koreans still see themselves as relatively poor dependents of the U.S. and take American protectionism as betrayal by a big brother. They are right. The Korean economy is only 6% of Japan's. Tall buildings in Seoul resemble those in Tokyo, but the Korean capital is full of narrow streets and poor houses like a village. In the countryside some 20% of home lack running water. Moreover, Korea has a heavy defense burden as well as that big foreign debt.
3. And Korea has suffered set tacks before In the 1970s the government supported heavy industry ,creating some big but sseless enterpriscs. The Treasury Ministry is still quietly supporting some ill shipping and overseas companies. Meanwhile the government does not know how to set up wining industries.
4. the Koreans are also quick to point out that their 7.1 billion trade surplus with the U.S. is just 4% of the total American trade deficit. Japan account for 35%. In the U. S. the Koreans are competing with Japanese not American ,Products. They complain that U. S. protectionism punishes them for Americans' lazy work habits and drug abuse. They say the union rules have ruined U. S. competitiveness.
Questions 13-16
. For questions 13-16, choose the correct title for each paragraph for the box below.
. For each paragraph(l-4) mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.
. De not mark any letter twice.
13. Paragraph 1 ...
14. Paragraph 2 ...
15. Paragraph 3 ...
16. Paragraph 4 ...
A. Economy's development
B. Lessons from the past
C. Korean products in U. S. market
D. Exports into America
E. Favourable economic background
F. Trade surplus
G. Disadvantageous factors
Questions 1 7- 20
. Using the information in the text, complete each sentence 17-20 ,with a phrase from the List below (A-G) .
. For each sentence (17-20) mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.
. Do not mark any letter twice.
17. For the Japanese ,the Tokyo Olympic Games was regarded...
18. the Koreans think of the U. S. protectionism...
19. the recent economic development of south Korea is due...
20. the Japanese trade surplus accounts...
A. to have three advantages.
B. among the ten biggest countries in foreign trade.
C. for thirty-five percent of the total American trade deficit.
D. as an exhibition of rapid economic growth.
E. against the Japanese currency.
F. of narrow streets and poor houses.
G. as cheating a little brother.

Questions 21-35
. Read this news.
. Choose the best word to fil1 each gap.
. For each question (21-35) mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.
. One answer has been given as an example.
Three Bootleggers Jailed
Three men who ran a cross-channel smuggling group ,selling cheap.
French beer ,wine and champagne in Britain ,were jailed yesterday.
the men were leaders of an 11-man group which made at least 42...example...on the Dover-Calais ferry in three months.
Trucks of cheap drink were brought into the country and sold ...21 ...at Sunday market, And corner shops in South Wales , Two secret teams of customs officers ... 22...vehicles between Kent and Cardiff in an operation called "chancer". Eleven men admitted their part in a.. ...23...to avoid paying duty on beer and spirits.
Mr. Roger Thomas said it was ...24 ... that 70, 000pounds of unpaid duty was involved between January and April last year when the gang was ... 25 ...the smuggling group. Cases of beer, wine and champagne were brought to a rented warehouse in Cardiff before being ... 26 ... to traders. Mr. Richard Nichols, a former market trader, Mr. Qichard Spencer ,a shopowner, and Mr Raymond Tout , were put in prison for ... 27...of nine, four and three months ... 28 ... Judge Michael Burr said the group had used "an army of helpers "in an organized conspiracy to make ... 29 ... money. He ordered six other men to carry out community service and conditionally...30...two others who had played a lesser role.
After the ... 31 ...customs investigators said that the group made as many as four cross channel trips a day ...32... to a hypermarket near Calais. They went into business only three weeks after the new customs laws came into ... 33...on New Year's day last year. The investigators added : "We hope these jail ...34...will be a big help to tackle this...35...crime which is causing concern to the retail industry.
A. holidays B. tours C. trips D. voyages
Answer: C
21. A. lawfully B. secretly C. legally D. illegally
22. A. tracked B. travelled C. saw D. watched
23. A. accident B. conspiracy C. hope D. dream
24. A. calculated B. considered C. counted D. estimated
25. A. meeting B. talking C. organizing D. using
26. A. moved B. rented C. distributed D. using
27. A. times B. lengths C. terms D. periods
28. A. each B. altogether C. long D. respectively
29. A. hard B. easy C. comfortable D. simple
30. A. closed B. discharged C. opened D. liberated
31. A. trial B. sentence C. accident D. case
32. A. occasionally B. particularly C. mainly D. consequently
33. A. being B. force C. strength D. use
34. A. words B. sentences C. phrases D. punishment
35. A. widespread B. terrible C. serious D. rare
Section A
Questions 36 40
. Read this text about Turkish Airlines
. In most of the lines (36 - 40) there is one extra word which does not fit in. One or two lines, however , are correct.
. If the line is correct, put a tick (√)in the space on your Answer Sheet.
. If there is an extra word in the line (36-40) that word in the space on your Answer Sheet.
Example :
Because we Turks are famous for hospitality, you may just find yourself...√...
Thinking therefore we're an important centre of modern civililzation...therefore...
For centuries, istanbul was the ce4tre of ancient civitisation. And today
36. it's easy to see why. Although much has changed, but Istabul is still
37. very central when traveling to the Middle East or Asia. And possibly
38. it's very central to the enjoyment of your trip as well as. On Turkish
39. Airlines ,you'll have the comfort of our modern planes which offer
40. to you extra room for your legs and wide Business Class seating ,not to
mention the ordinary recreations.

Section B
Questions 41-45
. Your friend works as secretary in a British company in China. He has written a letter in answer to a Canadian Customer's complaint.
. In each line there is one wrong word.
. For each numbered line (41 -45) write the correct word in the space on your Answer Sheet.
Example :
Mr. Davidson works hardly every day and he is a model worker ...hard...
Dear Mrs. David,
I received your letter dated December the 21st complaining
41. about the qualify of our TL135 camera! checked with our
42. manager and I am now answer your questions: Your can mail
43. the flawed camera to us and paying the postage by yourself. Then
44. upon receiving your package, we'll immediate send you a new one.
45. And the postage is on us. I look forward to hear from you.
Thank your for your letter.
Question 46
You have received a fax from a customer who in the fax complained that he had received 100 GREen colour bicycles instead of 50 green and 50 blue colour bicycles. In order to solve the problem and find out the facts ,you write a short note to the warehouse.
. Write a short note to Mr. Randy Simon ,who is in charge of delivering goods from warehouse.
. Tell him about the claim.
. Mention the date of delivery.
. Ask for the duplicate invoice. .
. Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.
Question 47
you work for Alla ,a shop which sells upmarket clothing. You are asked to find a way to increase the profits of your shop.
Read the following figure showing the results of a survey of two upmarket specialty shops.
Point A refers to your shop. Point B refers to Betty Fashion shop ,your main competitor, near your shop.
. Use the figure to write a report (about 100- 120 words)recommending ways of improving the quality and pricing of your shop.
. Write on your Answer Sheet.
Questions 10-12
. You will hear three face to face conversations.
. Write down one word or number in the numbered spaces on the forms below.
Message One. Questions 1 -4
Application Form
Name : Sally King Sex : Female
Age : ( 1 )...Address : (2 ) ...Forest Road
Contact No: 981 . 332 . 981
Experience : sold books door to door for (3)...Publishing
Applying for: 8 : 00 to 8 : 30 on Monday, (4)...Friday morning
Message Two. Questions 5-8 .
Data: 1st Sept. Time: 10:10
Name: (5)... Sex: M
Passport Number : 76689158
Room No : (6)...
Staying Time : 17th Sept (7) ...Sept.
Price Rate : (8) ...

Message Three. Questions 9- 1 2
Ticket Booking Card
Name: (9)...Sex: male
Nationality : (10) ...
Passport No : 8469703
Flight No : Flight (11) ...
Destination : (12) ...
Date : 7th June Time : 2 : 50pm.
Questions 13-22
Section One
Questions 13-17
. You will hear five short pieces.
. For each piece decide how much is the total amount the speaker is talking about.
. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the piece.
. You will hear the five pieces twice.
A 51 pounds
B 17 pounds
C 2.16 pounds
D 1.85 pounds
E 16 pounds
F 1.36 pounds
G 2.42 pounds
H 1.45 pounds

Section Two
Questions 18-22
. You will hear another five short pieces.
. For each piece decide what the speaker is doing.
. Write one letter (A-H)next to the number of the piece.
. You will hear the five pieces twice.
A. claiming
B. reGREtting
C. washing
D. watching
E. drinking
F. playing
G. depositing
H. toastinq
Questions 23-30
. You will hear a talk given by, a spokesman of` the U. S. International Communication Department. He talks about a number of privately owned telephone discounter attacking the cartel of national telephone monopolies that keeps the price of international calls high.
. You have to complete the sentences (23-30) by choosing the correct ending.
. Make one letter (A ,B or C).
23. the Price of international calls into America is
A. higher than that of the calls out of America.
B. far lower than that of the calls out of America.
C. is the same as that of the calls out of America as it is decided by the cartel.
24. If you want to "ring back", you have to .
A. redial the telephone.
B. know the free telephone number to a computerized switch in another country.
C. find another person to call you back.
25. "Third-country calling refers to
A.. calling via another country.
B. finding a person in the third country to call.
C. calling through three countries.
26. International Discount Telecommunications uses
A. "ring-back " technique.
B. "discounting" technique .
C. "thired-country calling " technique.
27. According to the spokesman, a band of these tiny American discounters will be A. prosperous.
B. limited to an extent.
C. short-lived.
28. ATST refers to
A. American Telephone & Telex
B. Associated Telephone & Television
C. American Telephone & Telegraph
29. World Connect and World Reach is purposely .
A. to encourage the foreigners to use American calls.
B. to supplement the ``call-home "services.
C. to enlarge the communication between the U. S. and the world.
30. AT6T's new services have been declined by
A. Iraq.
B. Japan.
C. Syria

一. 阅读部分
1. A 2. D 3. D 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. C
8. C 9. H 10. F 11. A 12. G
13. E 14. G 15. B 16. C 17. D 18. G 19. A 20. C
21. D 22. A 23.B 24. D 25. C 26.C 27.C 28. D 29.B
30. B 31. D 32.C 33. B 34. B 35.A
Section A

36. but是多余,应删掉.
37. 没有多余的词.
38. 后面的as是多余,应删掉.
39. 没有多余的词.
40. to是多余,应删掉.
Section B
41. qualify应改为quality
42. answer应改为answering
43. paying应改为pay
44. immediate应改为immediately
45.hear 应改为hearing
Question 46 .
(Sample for reference)
Dear Mr. Simon,
A customer complained that he had received 100 GREen coloured bicycles instead of 50 green and 50 blue colour bicycles ,which had been shipped on 11th May. Could you please send me the immediate invoice under contract No. TXI 2- 1 in duplicate?
Question 47
(Sample for reference)
Both Betty Fashion Shop and our shop are in city centre ,therefore ,we have almost the same customers. But there exists a fact that customers are more likely to spend their money in Betty shop. After careful research ,we notice that ,although Betty shop has higher prices ,they also have more fashionable clothes. Compared with Betty Shop, our real prices are not high, but the comparative prices to fashion are high. Therefore ,if our shop decides to increase the profits, we`should purchase highly fashionable clothes ,at least as fashionable as Betty Shop ,with the prices lower than Betty Shop's. As .customers hate increasing prices ,it is better to do this gradually.
1. 20 2. no53 3. Economic .
4. Wednesday 5. Robinson 6. 208
7. 2lst 8. 45pounds 9. Mr. GREen
10. Canada 11 . 172 12. Beijing
13.D 14.E 15.A
16. F 17. C 18. G
19. A 20. B 21. H
22. D 23. A 24. B
25. A 26. C 27. C
28. C 29. B 3O. B
Tape script
Part One. Questions 1 to 12.
Message One. Questions 1 to 4.
M1 : Good morning. Can I help you?
F1 : Good morning. I wonder if you have a job for a part-time
M1 : Oh ,yes ,we're going to employ two more part-time. to send our newspapers to the people living in Flight Street and Fortunate Road. Are you interested?
F1 : Oh ,yes ,I live at No. 53 Forest Road which is quite near Flight Street. I would like to take the job.
M1 : Ok, then, could you deliver the newspapers from 8: 30 on Monday, Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday or on Tuesday ,Thursday and Saturday?
F1 : Er, I can work on Monday , Wednesday and Friday ,but not on Sunday. Is it OK?
M1 : Well ,Ok. Have you ever done anything like that before?
F1 : I have sold some books door to door for Economic Publishing House.
M1 : Good ,are you a student?
F1 : Yes ,I'm a student at Oxford University.
M1 : What's your name and how old are you?
F1 : My name is Sally King ,K -I-N-G. I'm 20.
M1 : Do you have a telephone number?
F1 : Yes, 981332981.
M1 : then ,we'll call you after we have talked it over.
F1 : Thank you ,Sir! I hope to hear from you soon.
Message Two. Questions 5 to 8.
F1 : Good morning ,sir. Can I help you7
M1 : Good morning. I have reserved a room in your hotel.
F1 : Could you tell me your name ,please?
M1 : Robinson, R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N.
F1 : Er ,yes. Here's the booking card. It's a single room and the room number is 208.
M1 : It's on the second floor then?
F1 : Yes. How long will you be staying?
M1 : From now until Friday.
F1 : So that's four nights.
M1 : How much is it?
F1 : It's f45 a night including air-conditioner and color TV.
M1 : Sounds good. Thank you very much.
F1 : You're welcome.
Message Three. Questions 9 to 12.
F1 : Good morning. May 1 see your ticket, please?
M1 : Well ,l told your office that I would pick the ticket up here.
F1 : What's your name, then?
M1 : Mr GREen , that's G-R-E-E-N.
F1 : Oh yes , here it is. You're going to...Beijing, right?
M1 : Yes.
F1 : ...By Flight 172 ,Japan Air lines. May I see your passport?
M1 : Oh ,certainly ,here you are.
F1 : Thank you. You're not American ,are you?
M1 : No , I'm Canadian.
F1 : I see. Here's your passport and your ticket.
M1 : Thank you very much.
F1 : You're welcome.

Part Two. Questions 13 to 22.
Section One. Questions 13 to 17.
Question Thirteen
Yesterday I bought this T-shirt in your shop. But it was too small for my son and my son wanted a blue one. So I want to change this white one for that blue one priced at twelve thirty-four. This white one is ten forty-nine. How much more will I have to pay you?
Question Fourteen .
I tried this pair of shoes and I think I like this colour and style. Please pack them. By the way, I notice that all the goods in your shop are at 20% discount. And this price tag says 20pounds a pair. So how much will I have to pay you?
Question Fifteen
My wife, my children and I are going to visit Edinburgh for 3 days. We need a small room and a large room with a double bed. If a small room is 5pounds a day and a large one is 12pounds a day, how much will we pay for our stay?
Question Sixteen
This novel costs two ninety-nine. This book is one pound forty-two. And that pocket dictionary is priced at fourteen twenty-four. You gave me two ten pounds. Let's look at the calculator and find out how much change I'll give you.
Question Seventeen
One letter will be sixteen pence, so for three letters that's forty-eight pence. And the five postcards at .twenty-four pence that's l.20pounds. And the two airmail letters at twenty-four pence that's forty-eight pence. Let's see what the total cames to.
Section Two. Questions 18 to 22.
Question Eighteen
Accounts will be charged five pounds a month service fee if the minimum balance falls below four hundred pounds at any time during the stated period. You may keep three pounds in your account ,but we charge you five pounds a month.
Question Nineteen
the package containing the records appeared to be in perfect condition. But when we unpacked it with GREat care ,we found that one record was completely smashed. Could you send us a new one? 1'll return the broken one at once.
Question Twenty
Thank you for asking me. You've already done a lot for the children. I believe this tea party on Friday will attract more people's attention to the children's problems. Unfortunately I've got an appointment then.
Question Twenty-one.
Thank you for your invitation. Our company is willing to explore with your corporation the possibility of closer ties through joint ventures. Here ,let me propose a toast to the success of our negotiations and to our friendship and future cooperation.
Question Twenty-two
As this is the last week in September, the two teams we're going to watch tonight are tied for first place in this season. They both want to make the play-offs, so they'll be playing their best.
Part Three. Questions 23 to 30.
For decades the world's telephone companies ,nearly all state-owned monopolies ,have jointly set the rates for international calls. Now a handful of nimble, privately owned telephone discounters are using loopholes in regulations written to protect national telephone monopolies to undercut the cartel's high prices. Eventually ,that could lead to the break-up of the cartel itself.
the small firms leading the trend are interesting for the way they do business rather than for the amount of business they do.
But because their activities expose monopoly overpricing so dramatically, they could help to bring about changes that are vastly out of proportion to their size.
the American market for international calls is more open to competition than those of most other countries, so calls out of America are usually far cheaper than the calls into it. The discounters exploit this difference by routing calls from foreign subscribers to computerized switches in America ,undercutting normal rates by a third or more.
One technique, known as "ring-back", involves giving a customer in, say, Paris a free telephone number to a computerized switch in America. When the customer calls ,the switch automatically calls him back and puts him through to his American destination. Since the call technically originates with the switch, France Telecom's monopoly on outgoing calls remains unbroken but the caller in Paris is charged American rates.
A second technique, called "third-country calling", involves routing international calls via America to take advantage of cheap American rates on the second leg of the journey. On intercontinental calls the saving is usually so GREat that it more than makes up for the extra distance travelled.
One of the best-knows discounters , 2(1/2)year old international Discount Telecommunications (IDT) ,uses third-country calling to provides calls between countries whose own telephone companies are not on speaking terms ,such as Syria and Israel ,and Iraq and Kuwait. Today's small discounters may be short-lived.
But if the small discounters do go out of business, it will be because they have launched a trend. This year, America's established international carriers have started touting for business from over seas customers themselves. In April American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) launched a third-country calling service of its own. Dubbed World Connect, the service lets customers use a personal identification number to call from45 different countries of the world via switches in America. Customers pay call charges in dollars ,along with their normal domestic bills. In June AT&T's biggest rival, MCI, launched a similar service , called World Reach. Both products supplement the firms' long-establishes "call-home" services , which make it easier for travelling Americans to call home.
Though AT&T and MCI both hotly deny selling international calls to foreigners explicitly, some foreign carriers certainly fear this. Neither ATST nor MCI has been allowed to offer its new services in Japan, Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina or Mexico. The small discounters have run into similar problems.


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