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第三章 阅读理解


     Reading Comprehension 4

Passage 1

Friedrich Dobl, a Yugoslav working in Germany, was fed up with traffic jams. At long weekends and holiday times when he wanted to get him quickly he always found himself behind hundreds of other cars moving slowly along the notorious foreign workers route through Germany and Austria. How easy it all was for police and emergency services. A siren, a flashing light? And like magic everyone was out of the way. Going home from work one night he passed a garage. And there in front of him was the answer to his problem. An old ambulance was for sale. The red cross had been removed. But not the flashing light, and the siren. He tried the light. It flashed magnificently. He tried the siren. That too sounded impressive. He bought the ambulance and opened up for himself a dream world of motoring. It began early in the morning, all his luggage in the back of the ambulance and motorway in Germany looking reasonably clear. Soon, as always, a long line of traffic appeared ahead. He switched on the flashing light and set off the siren. Cars swiftly slowed and pulled off the fast lane. Other cars stopped and drivers waved him ahead to an open road all his own. In record time he crossed the border into Austria. The big bluff was working. Police even waved him through the confusion caused by an accident. But then the Yugoslav made his beg mistake. Until then he had only stopped for petrol. Now he was driving past a real accident, lights flashing, too late to realize that it was not another traffic jam as he assumed. They stopped him, and after hearing the story of his ride across two countries fined him 12.5 pounds.

1. At long weekends and holidays Friedrich Dobl used to____ .

A. drive home in Germany

B. meet other foreign workers

C. get caught in terrible traffic jams

D. get to the place where he worked by a special quick route

2. Why did he decide to buy the ambulance?

A. Because he had always wanted one.

B. Because he wanted to resell it at a higher price.

C. Because he liked the siren and the flashing light.

D. Because he knew that other traffic would get clear of the way for an ambulance.

3. The red cross had been removed ____.

A. but he soon put up a new one

B. but the siren and the flashing light still worked

C. so he asked the garage to paint another one on

D. because the vehicle did not look like an ambulance any more

4. When the police stopped him, ____.

A. he was driving dangerously

B. he had just driven straight past an accident

C. they found 12.5 pounds in his pocket

D. they told him they had followed him all the way

5. Which of the followings might be the best title for the passage?

A. How to Drive Quickly.B. How to Avoid Accidents.

C. A Quick Way Home? By An Ambulance.D. A Safe Way Home? Non-Stop.


【解析】从本文第一段可以得知,在德国工作的南斯拉夫人Friedrich Dobl每个周末和放假都会回家,他在穿过德国和奥地利回国的路上受够了交通堵塞。由此可见答案A)回德国的家B)跟其他外国工人见面D)由一条捷径去工作的地方与原文不符,只有答案C)正确。


【解析】文中第二段开头提到“How easy it all was for police and emergency services. A siren, a flashing light? And like magic everyone was out of the way.”,意思是对警察和急救人员来说就太简单了,一个警示灯和一个警报器,然后象魔术一样,所有的人都给你让路。由此可见,答案D)是正确答案。


【解析】见文中第二段,“The red cross had been removed. But not the flashing light, and the siren. He tried the light. It flashed magnificently. He tried the siren. That too sounded impressive.”,警示灯和警报器都还在,试了试,警示灯很亮,警报器很响,所以正确答案是B。


【解析】见原文最后一段,“Now he was driving past a real accident, ... They stopped him”,他开车经过一个真正的车祸现场,他们让他停下,由此可推断出正确答案是B。



Passage 2

Some researchers claim that people磗 personalities can be classified by their blood types.If you have blood type O, you are a leader. When you see something you want, you strive to achieve your goal. You are passionate, loyal, and self-confident, and you are often a trendsetter. Your enthusiasm for projects and goals spreads to others who happily follow your lead. When you want something, you may be ruthless about getting it or blind to how your actions affect others. Another blood type, A, is a social, “people” person. You like people and work well with them. You are sensitive, patient, compassionate, and affectionate. You are a good peacekeeper because you want everybody to be happy. In a team situation, you resolve conflicts and keep things on a smooth course. Sometimes type As are stubborn and find it different to relax. They may also find it uncomfortable to do things alone.

People with type B blood are usually individualists who like to do things on their own. You may be creative and adaptable, and you usually say exactly what you mean. Also you can adapt to situations, you may not choose to do so because of your strong independent streak. You may prefer working on your own to being part of a team. The final blood type is type AB. If you have AB blood, you are a natural entertainer. You draw people to your because of your charm and easygoing nature. ABs are usually calm and controlled, tactful and fair. On the downside, though, they may take too long to make decisions. And they may procrastinate, putting off tasks until the last minute.

6. The passage is written by means of ____.

A. enumeration B. process analysisC. classification D. examplification

7. People with type O will do the following things except____.

A. direct a board B. burn the night磗 oilC. be considerate D. self-oriented

8. Which of the following is not the feature of type A?

A. Stubborn. B. Sensitive.C. Reserved. D. Patient.

9. What is Not true to type B?

A. He likes to work by himself.

B. He doesn磘 think much before he speaks.

C. He has many original ideas.

D. He cannot fit in with the environment.

10. The best profession for a type AB is ____.

A. Musician B. PeacekeeperC. Actor D. Spokesman











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